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Pain Avoidance Machine
Aug 16th, 2015 @ 07:00 PM

Pain Avoidance Machine (Map)
Brisbane st
Annerley, qld 4103

In August, Room40 is celebrating a series of concerts in Brisbane as part of the Room40 : 15 anniversary.

As part of this series, Brisbane composer and master of the prepared piano Erik Griswold is hosting a weekend of 'house' performances. These performances mark the release of his latest work for Room40 Pain Avoidance Machine.

Each evening, Erik will be joined by fellow Room40 alumni including Eugene Carchesio (Friday evening) and Sydney's Austin Buckett (Saturday evening). Canberra based film artist Louise Curham will also be joining the program, presenting uniquely designed filmic incursions each evening. On the Sunday from 5.30pm as dusk falls, Erik will peform Wallpaper Music in full.

There are just 25 tickets are available for each evening.

Friday from 7-9pm
Carchesio/Griswold - duo
erik griswold - pain avoidance machine
eugene carchesio - solo
Louise Curham- Films

Saturday from 7-9pm
Buckett/Griswold - Duo
erik griswold - pain avoidance machine
austin buckett - solo
Louise Curham- Films

Sunday 5pm
Erik Griswold - Wallpaper music

Tickets aren't currently available.