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Over the past two decades, DJ Olive has been a central figure in New York’s diverse sonic underground. As a member of WE(tm), DJ Olive created three stunning records that came to epitomize the Brooklyn Illbient explosion.

In the 00s, Olive turned his ears to a range of other projects – joining forces with members of Sonic Youth in a range of experimental outings, improvising with some of the leading figures in Jazz including Uri Caine and Dave Douglas and starting the ‘Roof Music’ label theAgriculture which released his solo projects of gritty dubby brooklyn beats 'Bodega' and 'Live in Tasmania'.

In 2001 he also commenced work on a series of 'sleeping pills' designed to create deep warm enveloping environmental textures which become soft company for those who have trouble sleeping.

The first of these editions published by Room40 was 'Buoy' (2004), followed by the aptly titled 'Sleep' (2006, though composed in 2001). 'Triage' is the third in the series – and involves a much more complex and analog approach using many musicians and obscure vintage gear as well as additional production from Christian Fennesz.

Triage was initially exhibited in installation form at the 2008 Whitney Biennial and this published edition represents the soundtrack of the installation.

Listen quietly.