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Room40’s open frame festival probes the idea of dead silence – asking what role does silence play today across music and art spectra. We bring together a range of artists whose work can be seen to reflect on this idea of absence and presence. Moreover these artists raise questions around the positioning (in political, social, geographic, environmental and other realms) of silence and also what use we might have for it looking into the future - both methodologically and in actuality.

The result of this investigation is an incredibly handsome artist book, 72 pages in full colour with artworks, responses and essays considering the notion of Dead Silence.

It features contributions from Alan Licht, Makino Takashi, Jamie Stewart, Marina Rosenfeld, James Webb, Benoit Pioulard, Liz Harris, Steve Roden, Eugene Carchesio, Terre Thaemliz, Haino Keiji, Sandra Selig, Jack Sargeant, Philip Samartzis, Greg Hainge, Ross Manning, David Toop and Heiko Muller.