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In late 2006, Someone Good (then merely an idea, murmuring away quietly) received a package from a young Tokyo musician called Akira Kosemura. On the cdr was the initial ren- dering of It’s On Everything.

Instantly, label heads Lawrence and Rebecca English were struck by Kosemura’s amazing sense of melody, space and compositional restraint. Working at the edge of pop structures, avant garde influences and a gentle yet focused textural aesthetic Kosemura typified a new vision of melodic instrumentation shrouded in rich textural electronics.

Within a couple of months, Someone Good was preparing to release the album that would go on to lay the ground work for one of the most vital and considered independent artists currently working in Japan. We couldn’t be more proud to re-release this edition - five years on it still feels as fresh and passionate as it did the first time we heard it. Enjoy.