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Christopher Willits is a ceaseless creative force focused on teasing out the most from his instruments of choice – the guitar. With Plants + Hearts, he sets out on a divergent exploration into the tonal qualities of guitar, rendering out a composition that references in equal doses the minimal harmonic shifts of Terry Riley and the phasing works of Steve Reich.
Incorporating 4hz isochronic pulses and panning at the same frequency, this work encourages for formation of 4hz brainwave patterns associated with states of meditation, deep relaxation, enhanced creativity, light sleep and lucid dreaming.
Using a MS (mid side) recording of guitar made by Ryan Kleeman at UMKC, the unique mixing technique of panning the cardioid M of the M-S array left and right four times at one second intervals alters spatial cues, and phase relationships.

WARNING: this recording may cause dizziness and an sense of vertigo. It is not advised to drive while listening to this music.