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"Site-Listening - the act of attentive listening in any chosen location, privileging the auditory environment as the focus of awareness."

Site-Listening: Brisbane is a new book/field guide and 3" cd edition from Lawrence English that introduces the idea of Site-Listening - a focused exploration into the ideas of site, space, sound and listening.

The book features three short essays (from David Toop, Nick Earls and Lawrence English) each of which ponders our relationships to the sounds we find ourselves in daily contact with. It also contains 17 listening locations that can be found in Brisbane. These locations act as a sound map of sorts, plotting out sound curiosities across Brisbane's varied terrain. The accompanying maps, photos and texts offer a brief overview of possible encounters, as well as personal reflections of each location's sound characteristics. The field guide also offers an informal 'how to' guide for site-listening - both for first time listener and more experienced ears. The edition is an invitation calling for other interested parties to develop site-listening within their own cities/spaces/communities.

This full colour, pocket-sized edition, which has been designed by Ralph Steinbruchel at Ordner, also features a 3" cd composition comprised of recordings made in and around the locations featured in the book. This composition is available only with Site-Listening: Brisbane and will not be available separately.