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Here it is, the first edition from A Guide To Saints, a double sided journey through the swirling synth waves and vocal incantations of Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - and the first in our series of ‘Cassette Diaries’.

Cassette Diaries is a series of momentary musics - recordings made in short periods of times - be that a day, a week or a little bit more. Each edition is hand assembled, hand sprayed and hand screen printed by the fine folks at 7th Disaster. Rachel Evans’ Motion Sickness Of Time Travel is the perfect starting point for Cassette Diaries. Much of her work is created in the moment, her layers of pulsing synth, textured electronics and phasing vocal sways are often recorded in one live take. Weeks, sometimes months, of preparation are executed and documented in the moment.

On Traces, she marks out a diverse and overtly rich sonic tapestry that interlocks and breaks apart with an elegant sense of fluidity. We couldn't be more pleased to have this as our departure point.